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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Mar 13, 2011

Creator : Rednick
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

The BRP is The Best Ride you can do on the east coast ! Bar none. I've been riding this great road annually , or more, for almost 30 years. Cannot be beat for road quality, scenery,or any other way you can judge it. Many times I have ridden for a hundred miles at a " spirited pace " and never seen a car! Where else can you do that on the east coast?Always able to find lodging and good places to eat without a problem. The Park Rangers have been less tolerant of bikes the last year or two, but if you use some common sense and ride carefully thru the congested areas you shouldn't have any trouble. Stay focused on the road if you are there for THE RIDE. Stop and take pics if you want to enjoy the view. There is little room for error, but it's worth it EVERY time ! The southern end is the best in my opinion and there are a ton of great roads once you get to the Smokey's. Try to allow some time to explore the southern end if you can, It's Exceptional too. Once you ride the BRP you will wish you didn't wait so long to ride it! Keep your knees in the breeze.

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