Wickenburg Road - By Awesimon

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By Awesimon (6 McR Points) on Dec 04, 2016

Creator : Awesimon
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Sunday afternoon stroll through the desert wilderness, post 1pm. Approached from the south, off I-10 (relieved to get off to be honest; pavement quality after the 75mph speed change is awful.)

I enjoyed seeing the west side of White Tanks for once (I live in El Mirage), and also enjoyed the lack of traffic. The road was good quality, although the cattle grids (6) only served to slow the progress through fairly stock desert scenery. You can see Vilture Peak a good decent out, and it serves as a good marker throughout. The ride actually takes a turn for the more interesting when you switch from Aguila to Vulture Mine Road. More twists and turns, and good close-ups of Vulture Peak. Slowed down for the old mine, and for the twists as you pass Culture Peak, finally coming out past the golf course with a beautif view of Wuckenburg and Yarnell Hill (?). Stopped in at Screamers prior to taking the 60 home. Good fun; although not quite blood pumping, adrenaline thumping excitement.

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