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By Akumu (3916 McR Points) on Nov 22, 2019

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Such potential and yet every time I've been on this road I've been stuck behind these 25mph (literally, not exaggerated) white vans with bicycles on the back or on a trailer for miles and miles and miles. The vans belong to a local company, and they have NOOOO PROBLEMS holding up, when we checked, every bit of 30 cars (both times we took this route) going so damned slow and not pulling over. Talk about infuriating. After the get to their destination the road get's twisty for a bit, but considering we turn up 16 shortly after they turn off in Grayson Highlands State Park (I think) it becomes apparent that you just spent 35 minutes doing 25mph behind these fools for a couple of twists in the road. My advice? Stay away, unless you somehow know that these vans aren't going to be on the road. (Time of day, time of year etc etc.) All of that said, assuming this road is completely clean and clear of traffic, it's a real good one, and I recommend it, strongly, if you live in the area.

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