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By usagiyo11 (44 McR Points) on Aug 12, 2014

Creator : usagi
Motorcycle Type : Sport

Rode this Saturday 7/26/ 2014. We are no longer alone! I am used to this road being more or less exclusive to Motorcycles, with passenger car usage being in the single digits, not anymore. Consol has moved in and it's a Zoo. Gravel & Ash at the truck entrances which there are at least 3 off this route. AND GRAVEL TRUCKS & CAR TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE! Can't really recommend this route to anybody on two wheels anymore, hopefully the other South East Ohio Roads don't or haven't fallen victim to this also. Glad for the surrounding community, they have jobs in the area now but, today I mourn the loss of what was a truly nice piece of pavement. - Nick Gee (7/31/14)

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