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By feejur11 (2 McR Points) on Sep 23, 2018

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One of my favorite rides. I don't think I miss it in either direction when I'm in CO. Great scenery, great twisties, and almost no traffic. I've done the Million Dollar Highway, and if I had a choice I'd ride this the Crystal Valley. Just an update: in mid-Sept '18 I rode W-E and road work was being done. As I approached the "6 miles to summit" sign I saw a "Road Work Ahead" sign. Not far after that a "Rough Road Ahead" sign. It appeared (without slowing down) that part of the Eastbound section of road, which was on the outside, had fallen away. The road was narrowed to allow for both lanes but was short and without a problem. After that there were signs for new pavement, which was chip and seal. I slowed down but didn't find anything loose. It was on some steep sections. Toward the lower section nearer Carbondale I saw signs for loose gravel, but didn't find any of that. Most of the "old" road was fine. I'm guessing by spring this section will be fine as long as nothing else falls off the mountain.

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