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By Deacon Blues (2 McR Points) on Jul 01, 2015

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I'm well familiar with CO-133, as I grew up in the area.

While it is true that 'amenities' are few and far between, they are available - just ask the locals.

Gas and food are available in the little hamlet of Redstone (you do have to leave the highway to find it), and there are a few restaurants in Carbondale including a roadside diner right before the CO-82 intersection.

As to the road, one major caveat - in the spring, the Carbondale (NE) section of the McClure Pass grade often has rocks in the road, due to the spring melt loosening up the cliffs above. In some sections of the Crystal River section (and likely the reservoir section), spring runoff causes mudslides that can mess up the road - not a problem in a car, but on a bike, it can be a bit tricky. CDOT usually dispatches crews and flaggers to clean all of this up, so unless you're riding the road early in the morning after a storm, you'll likely not find anything the hard way.

In the fall, this road is wonderful for the touring set - it's one of the best 'fall colors' roads in the state.

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