Cottonwood Canyon Run - By White Wolf

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By White Wolf (30 McR Points) on May 07, 2016

Creator : White Wolf
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

I took this road in late April 2016. I traveled south out of Sedona. Great route! There are straight sections, but the twisties South of Jerome are fantastic. The road north of Jerome will scare those that don't like "edge of the steep cliff" narrow roads lol. It will get your attention for sure! Road condition varied, but was in good/great shape for the most part. Traffic was moderate around Jerome, but light once out of town (to the south).

The town of Jerome is just cool. Perfect little town to take a break. Built on the side of a cliff, it has great views, interesting old buildings half destroyed from the earth sliding beneath your feet and plenty of parking. If you're into old towns, this is one of the cooler ones to see. Plenty of places to eat, get a coffee, etc.

Prescott is Prescott. It's nice.

The twisty section southwest of Prescott is fantastic. Light traffic, great views, good road condition, saw 1 LEO. In the twisty section on the south end of this route you will get "forever views" as the road works down the mountain range into the valley. Very nice!

Overall, I'd say this route is a twisty route, but there are some long straight sections and the town of Prescott thrown in. A novice on a cruiser could do it, but there are some sections where the road runs right along the edge of some very steep cliffs that could be intimidating; so I wouldn't recommend it for a novice that's still a "little shaky."
Everyone else... You'll love this route!!!

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