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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Apr 08, 2011

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Great area... I live about 20 minutes from barneveld. the route i always take to spring green is K north out of Barneveld, take a left on HH, then a right on H to hw 14. This is one of the most scenic routes imo. HH starts at the top of the ridge, then traverses down into a very narrow valley. Some of the rock formations on the side of HH are famous in this area. once in Spring Green, I like to take hwy 60 to Sauk, this is a great wide-open road that takes you through some great lowlands and farmland. from Sauk you can take 78 south. Before you reach black earth, take a right onto Olson Rd, right after the Wi Heights school. left on KP, the take F back to Blue mounds. This is also an absolutely beautiful route.

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