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By William Aubrey (78 McR Points) on Aug 14, 2021

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(Cross-post from "The Copperhead Loop") Pretty much once you get into this area of North Carolina every single road is excellent for riding. Just let the map load and you'll see someone has recommended all the roads. The route I took on September 19, 2020 included NC 276, 215, 281, 107, Pine Creek Rd and 23. This overlaps with a few different recommended routes: "The Copperhead Loop", "Lake Toxaway Loop" and "Brevard to Bryson City". The specific section that I love on this route is "Pine Creek Rd" mainly for the "Pine Creek Recreation Area". If you've spent your morning riding all these excellent roads, then this is a great place to stop and enjoy a packed lunch. There are public restrooms (not excellent, but adequate).

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