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By SJ_Phil (154 McR Points) on Apr 22, 2019

Creator : Phil Alfonso
Motorcycle Type : Touring

I take this ride ALL the time. I leave Woodland Hills, thru Box Canyon and down to the 118 to Princeton or 1st St. Grimes Canyon is a short, but seriously fun little stretch. Often, I see riders positioning themselves to take more than a single run trough it. Managing the traffic is the key. Earlier is better.

BTW...This is the route many follow on their way up to Ojai, Lake Casitias, Santa Barbara, or Hwy. 33 into Bakersfield or Frazier Park. Makes a great loop if you go over to the coast and into the Santa Monica Mountains.

Great stopping points are Deer Creek Lodge, Neptune's Net and The Rock Store. Just 2-weeks before the big fire, I noticed Mulholland, from Leo Cabrillo to Decker Canyon, was freshly paved and smooth as a baby's butt! I've ridden it since after the fire and one needs to be cautious of debris in the road from time to time.

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