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By mmn (2 McR Points) on Apr 12, 2017

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I live in this area and ride this route about twice a month. While it is scenic, it is very slow. There are a couple of reasons (besides the 25-35 mph speed limits. One is bicycles. Well, not bicycles, but the people in cars behind them. It's only two lanes and mostly no passing all the way. The law says you have to give bicycles 3 feet clearance. The lanes are wide enough to give them that, and more but there's always some idiot that thinks he can't pass and stay in his own lane. So he will creep along until traffic the other way allows enough space for him to cross the double yellow and make an illegal pass.

Second, there are a lot of utility and construction vehicles any day of the week stopped and blocking a lane with flagmen alternating the 2 way traffic.

Third, it's along the beach and so there are a LOT of crosswalks and you have to stop when there are pedestrians in the crosswalk. There are a LOT of pedestrians crossing.

I had a close call the other day with a jogger. He came running out of the woods to the crosswalk just as I was approaching. I did not have enough time to stop. Luckily, he did. Neither of us was very happy!

This trip is about 40 miles or so. Plan on 2 hours one way as you will average about 20 mph.

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