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By SJ_Phil (154 McR Points) on Apr 22, 2019

Creator : Phil Alfonso
Motorcycle Type : Touring

I was looking forward to CA-299 AND 36. Unfortunately for me, 36 was closed for repairs 7a-7p in Aug. 2018. I was on a 9-day tour around Cali. From LA, I took I-5 into the Bay area and watched the Warriors win game-7. The following day, I headed up the coast to Guerneville for a couple days of concerts and wine tasting. Then, I left for Hwy. 299. Got cold and wet coming into Arcata. Then, up the hills through really fun banked 2-lane wide curves. Got to experience some high speed turns...something my 23* of lean angle rarely allows. Lotta fun! Stay in Weaverville overnight at what turned out to be a popular (and affordable) motel that a lot of other bikers stayed at. I was right at home spinning yarns and drinking cold ones before putting it to bed that night. Hill Motel-Cabins/@40.7315851,-122.9750224,13z/data=!4m15!1m9!2m8!1sHotels!3m6!1sHotels!2sCA-299, Weaverville, CA!3s0x54cd96e0c7e921af:0x8082ff49b211c963!4m2!1d-122.9400029!2d40.7314059!3m4!1s0x54d2521cd4f2b35b:0xc8d4ca5976b0be5a!8m2!3d40.7352801!4d-122.9427892

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