Hanging Rock Run - By Brian Fistler

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By Brian Fistler (91 McR Points) on Nov 27, 2014

Creator : BrianF
Motorcycle Type : Sport

I would personally rate the road surface over most of northern part of Hwy 66 on this route a 3, rather than a 4. While it's mostly free of potholes it has a "loose" or deteriorated texture to it which does not inspire confidence in the corners for a super sport bike geometry. It's fine on something with a more relaxed geometry like a cruiser or even a standard bike, but on a super sport with good sport tires where you are used to the tires sticking like glue on a rail, you will not be comfortable taking the curves as fast as you will WANT to.
I much prefer taking Hwy 8 up through Danburry to Hanging Rock, as the road surface is excellent.

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