From Loa to Green River - By AtlasRocket

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By AtlasRocket (17 McR Points) on Aug 11, 2021

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I really like this route. The first time I did this was at the last few hours of a Saddlesore 1000 from SLC to Idaho Springs and back to SLC...and that was at night. Even without the scenery, it was a very enjoyable ride. The I-70 stretch is such nice pavement and there are lots of nice sweepers going up and down through the sandstone, you really have enough time to actually look around at the country while you fly past it. It's a very different kind of interstate through here, and the fact that there is NO civilization just adds to it. Headed west, you leave the interstate and head south toward Fremont, and the twisties become even more interesting. You climb higher and higher to the plateau, a welcome relief after the heat of the desert. Sometimes I like to take the detour over fish lake, if time allows, but either route is enjoyable. Most people avoid this stretch of 70, but that only makes it that much nicer for motorcycles. You can really open up and feel the wind, without concern that the road is going to betray you.

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