What's the deal with these "McR Points" and what can they be used for?

Introducing the new McR Points System and Rider Levels 


Why is the McR point system becoming a more prominent part of the McR community? 
To keep McR a dynamic and valuable platform for information on motorcycle rides, events, clubs, and places, it is crucial that we keep the content growing and improving.  And so, we want to recognize and reward those McR members who help the site do that.  We recognize these McR members by elevating their status among the community by assigning our more active members higher McR Rider Levels (see below).  And, we reward those same active members with McR points so the other McR members can see the extent to which each member has made a difference by making this site an even more valuable resource for all of us motorcycle riders. 


How are McR points earned? 
Whenever you contribute your thoughts, ideas, opinions or valuable motorcycle rider info to McR, you'll be making this community stronger.  The following shows some of the activities that will earn McR points:
     - submitting a new motorcycle riding route
     - giving your review & rating of an existing route you have driven
     - adding a motorcycle rider photo or video to a route
     - sharing a route with a friend
     - liking a motorcycle rider photo or video
     - adding a route to your "To Ride" list
     - adding a route you have driven to your "Rode It" list
     ... and many more activities you'll find on the site

It's obvious how some of the above activities benefit all McR members such as when riders contribute a new motorcycle route, a rating/review of a route, photo, or video.  This type of information simply makes McR a stronger and more in-depth source information on the best motorcycle roads and rides in America, Canada, and abroad.  However, some activities on the list above may not be as obvious as to how they contribute value, so let me explain.  Activities such as you sharing a route with another motorcycle riding friend who may have not been part of the McR community can have a big impact.  Let's say that rider wasn't aware of McR or maybe hadn't visited in a while and therefore, when they come to McR they will bring in a new/unique motorcycle rider perspectives and information about favorite roads and rides in their area.  With their new and unique perspective, it is likely they'll turn around and add a couple of their favorite motorcycle roads, maybe add  a couple of ratings/reviews, and maybe even a photo or video.  By doing this, your sharing of that motorcycle road with a friend just increased the site for all of us.   Also, other little activities like giving a thumbs-up to a photo or video you like will help the best content "bubble up" to the top so riders can more quickly see the most popular content.  And, even by just adding a road to your "Rode It" list, your "To Ride" list, and even just "following" a route send out "signals" that help other McR members see which routes are gathering a lot of attention and trending.  For all these activities and more, you'll be making McR a fresher and more dynamic resource of information for riders which will in turn help all of us motorcycle riders put together great motorcycle rides ... and so for that reason, you will really be earning your points!


What are the different McR Rider Levels?

Rider levels are determined by how many McR points that rider has earned through their contributions and activities on McR. The higher the points, the higher the Rider Level. 

novice medal

The first level, Novice, is reached when a rider has earned 20 McR points.

Expert Medal

The second level, Expert, is reached when a rider has earned 50 McR points.

Master Medal

The current (subject to change) highest level, Master, is reached when that rider has earned 150 McR points.

Overall, earning McR points is a way to not only earn status for yourself, but more importantly, you’ll be contributing information & content that help make McR a stronger resource for helping riders improve their motorcycling life by helping them find the best motorcycle roads & experience the best motorcycle rides!


Are McR Points used for anything else other than Rider Level determination?
Not yet but, I have big plans for McR points in the future!  For example, from time to time, motorcycle gear wholesalers and/or retailers contact me about products they are wanting to get introduced to the McR community.  They typically offer to send me a sample.  I have plans to take them up on these offers in the future and in turn offer these samples as gifts/prizes for active McR members based on their points or contribution of certain content (e.g., new roads, new videos, etc.) that the site may need to see some improvements on.  Also, I'd like to feature riders who have either been perennial contributors or are new hard chargers.