How do I earn points?

There are millions of miles of road out there and yet all these roads are far from being “equal.” Simply put, there are roads and there are motorcycle roads … and riders know the difference! Yet finding the great roads out there can be a challenge and so McR started way back in 1998 as an online community of riders helping each other by sharing information about their riding experiences. 20 plus years later, 40,000 plus McR members, & 1,000s of roads added to the collection, McR has become the epicenter for finding the best motorcycle roads. And, now to reward riders and keep the information growing and flowing, McR is rewarding riders with points for all of their contributions and activities that help fellow riders put together the most satisfying motorcycle rides. Points for contributions like adding new routes, providing ratings & reviews, as well as contributing photos & videos. And points for activities like adding routes to your “Rode it” list, to your “To Ride” list, sharing routes with your fellow riders or even just giving a thumbs up to a motorcycle road photo or video. You see all of these contributions and activities are both valuable information and signals which help riders figure out which motorcycle roads are going to be the best bet for them … and when you help riders, McR wants to help you with a little recognition and appreciation by providing you with McR points. So please, don’t hold back … be an active member of the McR community and all of us riders will be better off for it!!