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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Sep 27, 2010

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yes this is another fab route thru beautiful Central PA. i agree with the guy who recommended taking 443 to Gold Mine Road, then left to go back down 325 past Dehart Dam. i'll divert you from there to say make a right turn down past the Dam, and head up the mountain on Carsonville road. the Carsonville Hotel up there is a GREAT destination for lunch or supper, REALLY FANTASTIC, a family owned business who cater to the motorcycle community. they have a great back yard and beer garden out back. they even have a representation of the history of handguns on the wall behind the BAR! (they are closed on Mondays) from the hotel you can either go on past back into Halifax and pick up 225 back down to Dauphin OR take the back way down to Lykens, then take 209 down to Millersburg and pick up the ferry across the river, or again, go on down to Halifax and points south, eventually down to dauphin or Harrisburg.i give this route pretty much the highest rating, for pure scenery and road quality. other than the Carsonville Hotel, the route has about zero other amenities. ...well OK there is the Millersburg Ferry, an old school deisel powered wooden paddle wheel ferry boat. bike + rider + passenger is something like 6.00

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