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By usagiyo11 (44 McR Points) on Jul 26, 2013

Creator : Usagi
Motorcycle Type : Sport

WV-250N Hundred to Moundsville, WV

This is a great one for Sport Riders that want to test their endurance or Cruisers that want another scenic option. Starting out in Moundsville and turning back in Hundred is roughly an hour each way affair AND THE TURNS JUST KEEP COMING!

A road of this length you'd expect a mixed bag of road conditions; sections that are immaculate, others with patches, fallout, cracks, and/ or bumpy... Also it offers a little bit for everybody; wide open spaces which are highlighted in the 2nd half of the video, to the twisties and tight hairpins shown early in the video.

I think everybody should at least try this one once, if not annually to test their stamina.
Rain had been in the area for days but gravel washout was very predictable and almost none existant and must not be a real issue in the area...

Oh and if heading south somewhere near Cameron there is a decreasing radius right hander that is also downhill off camber that I could see someone overcooking it so WATCH OUT.

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