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By krisK (2 McR Points) on Sep 19, 2018

Creator : Kris K.
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

While this route was overall amazing towards. Pay close attention to a particular 3 mile stretch. When you come up to a sign in the road that says your 9 miles from Shamokin and make that left, the next 3 mile stretch is very dangerous especially when going down hill on a 1 mile or so stretch. I noticed my brothers rear tire throwing lots of stones, but looking at the road you would never realize that there is an UNREAL amount of gravel. It literally blended perfectly with the road..AND It WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!...we got off the bikes and walked about a 50 yard stretch and realized the whole road was covered with a coat of top gravel... IT WAS BAD and I've been riding for 17 years and have never seen stuff like this. TAKE CAUTION im telling you!!!1

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