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By Akumu (3916 McR Points) on Nov 22, 2019

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Well, there's three prongs to this. As of late 2019, 250 is really only any good south of Cameron, WV. North of Cameron the road is not in great condition and there is increased traffic, due the Marcellus shale companies and their trucks, as well as there always having been a bit more traffic the closer you get to 40/70. Once south of Cameron, though, while there are 250 falling away bits, they're marked well and the road is quite a peach. It starts straightening back out south of Hundred, WV. 79 is 79. Not an exciting road. Good views, though. 119, as mapped, is a decent road, but traffic can be a bit of a pain, and it always seems to be under some sort of construction. Not bad, but not really good, either.

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