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By ThomSS (3105 McR Points) on Jul 07, 2020

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We were on a lot of different roads over the week, I struggle to recall all of them, or at least the details. I do remember liking WV-15. I don't recall specifics, just remember liking the ride and commenting on it later that day. So many good roads in West Virginia, can't hardly go wrong, just pick one and go.

Update from West Virginia’s Road Ranger (July 31st, 2020): As of June 2020 Route 15 just West of Valley Head is in excellent condition, how once you cross over a county line things go from excellent to fair with bouts of good. NorthWest of Diana the road stabilizes into good condition, although there is some bridge construction before you hit I-79. I didn’t make this road long enough when I put it up. I do recommend the rest out to I-79. As usual, check out for any construction that may be around.

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