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By Stalephreak (160 McR Points) on Sep 15, 2015

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This road is just painful! I-40 has more excitement than this road has to offer, with better things to see and do along the way. Let that sink in a bit, I-40 is better. That being said, Nebraska felt it necessary to dot this road with signs stating "Sandhill Journey" all over the place. They make such a big deal about it... The best thing about this road is that nobody is around, so no cops either. You can gun it, and you should! Just get it over with quickly. The gas stops are holes in the wall, and the towns are "blink and miss 'em" speed traps. There's a bit of comedy as you pass over Dismal River, and say to yourself "Yes. This entire thing is dismal." This road is a means to an end, nothing more.

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