Grouse Creek - By Stalephreak

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By Stalephreak (160 McR Points) on Jan 01, 2017

Creator : Stalephreak
Motorcycle Type : Sport

This road is alright. There's no posted speed limit and no amenities other than the start of this ride. The road is narrow, and as others have pointed out, it's been patched often. None of the patches were jarring, and I was surprised at how smooth the road was, but the chance of oncoming traffic kept me from really pushing my luck. Everybody along this road seemingly has a gravel drive, and so gravel is EVERYWHERE, and it blends into the road. That means that rather than being able to just gun it and trust the tires, I wound up holding back as a "just in case". Honestly, it really is a fun ride, and not a bad way to kill some time if you're in the area.

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