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By Akumu (3889 McR Points) on Jul 12, 2020

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This road is a freakin' hoot. I can say that I'm unsure of it for motorcyclists. As a biker and hot hatch owner, after having ridden it twice in my hot hatch I'm pretty damned dubious about taking it on bike unless it was to putz around at 25-30mph. Regardless, this road is lumpy in many spots, but nothing dangerous. Just a suspension workout. The road is 1.25 to 1.75 lanes and much of it doesn't have guard rails, but does have steep drops. So, be careful. That said, if going north you look to your left (south look to your right) and see off of the ridge down the the road below. Nice views. Occasional deer in the fields, but they're tame. They just watch you ride by. The speed limit on this road is 55, which is just mind-boggling. At 55 you feel like Ruben Zeltner or Ken Block bombing down a European Rally Stage. There is very VERY few people on this road, once you get up onto the shelf. Maybe...3 houses and the state park, that it seems no one goes to. That said, make room when someone does come the other way, because this road isn't built for traffic. On the Moorefield side you have some silly fun hairpins and switchbacks. In my opinion, you have to try to not like this road...

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