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By mooseariss (4 McR Points) on Jul 26, 2011

Creator : Moose
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

This is a hell of a ride to do during the summer months. If you are lucky and get ahead of traffic going on this road, it can be clear all the way to your destination. Very very well conditioned roads, on the Orange County side. It appears that some major road work was done in the last few years, making this a very desirable ride.
Sadly, the road condition tends to become varied once entering Riverside County. None the less, this is still a very nice ride and a very beautiful run. would suggest any one who has not ridden it, to give it a try. A word of caution, a lot of woodland creatures tend to jump across the road. so don't freak out if a squirrel happens to jump out and try to mess you up.

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