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By DUUC (7 McR Points) on Jun 29, 2014

Creator : DUUC
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This is a good ride, and well worth doing. A couple of notes: two roads early in the trip have newly laid gravel, but the distances are only about 1/2 mile each. Some roads have missing road signs, e.g. Kainz Rd and Puddledock off of Monroe St/WI 81...believe Chicago Craig indicates take 1st right for Kainz Rd direction...I missed thatg part. I didn't have a gps unit, so I had to backtrack a bit. Roads to definitely soak up are WI-39 (step 14 of directions) Sawmill Rd ...think double black diamond for you skiers...Puddledock Rd, and Marty Rd. To finish this route off, head back north up Hwy 69 to 92 West so you go back to Mt Horeb. Hwy 92 is very well maintained and there are high speed sweepers the entire way to keep the smile on your face from this route Craig set up here for us.

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