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By micro1331 (2 McR Points) on Jul 22, 2013

Creator : micro1331
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

This is a beautiful tree covered road that follows along the Olentangy River. When riding north on this route, you have the beautiful scenery of the river right to your right which means very few hazards to watch out for (ie. hidden driveways and blind corners). Heading South on this route I would advise being a little more cautious as the majority of the houses along this route have very hard to exit driveways which means you will be harder to spot going through the twists and turns.

There is a gas station at the south end of this route just before the road turns into the highway part of 315, and there is also another gas station at the North end of the route, just past 23.

This is a fast paced road, and as a person who is newer to the sport, a nice beginner road for twisties. There are a lot of smooth and sloping banked curves which allow you to practice cornering. However the speed limit is 45mph on the road and I found with my bike and skill set I was able to stay in 5th or 6th gear and take most, if not all of the turns at full pace without having to shift gears.

Overall this is an excellent drive that I would reccommend to anyone to drive at least a few times. It is a nice short, relaxing ride for after a day at work or on a sunny weekend.

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