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By GJRonK (2629 McR Points) on Feb 06, 2013

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The stretch from Moab to La Sal Junction goes through very colorful sandstone canyons. A stop along the way at the "Hole-in-the-Rock" site has a good hour or so of fun with the animals on display and a home built into the solid rock.

Once you are headed east on Hwy. 46/90, you will be traveling through tall brush ranch country and have a great view of the La Sal Mountains to the north. Along this stretch, you will see the common, short, juniper and pinyon pine trees.The road down off that plateau to the valley below goes through some colorful, tight turns and interesting views.

Now in a valley, you'll pass a small town off to your left called Paradox. You will wonder why anyone would live there except for the peacefulness and beauty of the surrounding cliffs.

Next point will be a small store on the right at a location called Bedrock. The store is right out of a hundred old movie. When I was there once, a cowboy pulled up in his pickup and I could see he had a calf lying on his passenger seat!

There is no gas at any of these locations until you get to Naturita, another 25 miles, or so.

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