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By GJRonK (2629 McR Points) on Nov 23, 2019

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-- The poster has done a good job of describing places of interest along the route. I enjoy the route as when traveling I put myself, as I can, into the state of how it would have felt being there some 170 years ago. As I pass the sites mentioned, as I pass the natural beauty, as I pass the paths that was traveled by the pioneers going to Oregon, I feel somehow overwhelmed by imagination. How did they manage those wagons along that part of the hillside, I wonder. Where did they get enough water? Were Indians sightings a problem? I did not find tracks in stone (as is along some parts of the trail beyond and in nearby Brule, NE), but I saw routes that made me feel a little shudder when I could see the blur of a past live go on by me. To love this route is to imagine. Let the wideness of the tall grasses envelope you. --

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