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By Akumu (3574 McR Points) on Dec 29, 2013

Creator : Akumu
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

The 5 I give this is for 219 north of Parsons (north east, actually). The road south of Parsons is a solid 3.5 North or Parsons is a beautifully paved, twisty and sweeper filled dream with a good few straights to let practice your throttle hand. Sure, there's twistier roads around, but what I like about this road is that you're not completely overcome with twisties and I like taking a sweeper at 75mph just a much as I like flicking my bike back and forth. Definitely a great road north of Parsons.
South of town is pretty fun, much much more tame, but never boring.

Update from West Virginia’s Road Ranger (July 31st, 2020): The entire route has good or better pavement, as of June 2020. As usual, check out to check for construction or detours for the entire state of West Virginia. (And check out the huge pillars West of Parsons they’re building for Route 48, that’s going to cross over 219.)

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