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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jul 29, 2009

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Stop at Turtle Rock at Lake Berryessa for great egg rolls--hand made there on site. If you decide to travel the Knoxville Road to Clear Lake be aware that there is nothing but nothing on this road --make sure you have gas, snacks and water. The road is also not particularly smooth so it's not to be ridden at a fast pace. DO NOT ride this road until very late in the spring --the small creeks run over the road and create very mossy, extremely slippery spots that can easily take you down.Hwy 128 also connects to Winters so it's easily accessible from the Sacramento area. Check out the Putah Creek Cafe or Cody's for lunch or the Buckhorn for dinner. We ride up from Winters on 128, have egg rolls at Turtle Rock and then continue on 128 over towards Calistoga to Buster's BBQ --great, fingerlickin' food --then we head back home on 121/128. Take your time, watch out for potholes and idiots in cars --especially around the lake in the summer --this is a fun road but we have seen some pretty horrible bike accidents because the bikers were taking the turns faster than they should for their level of experience.

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