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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Sep 04, 2010

Creator : ZX12R
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

Spectacular views. Rode through this section of roadway August 2010, kept heading North on hwy 131 to Randell, through 12 and popped out eventually on I-90 and I was very impressed. Rounding through St. Hellens was an amazing ride with non stop 25mph twists. Roadway was great, mostly clear being there were very few rocks, pebbles off the fog line. Once you get towards Cougar the road like stated above becomes challanging. Lots of drops, dips, akward off camber bends in the surface. My riding partner and I are by no means new to the motorcycle world and we both commented towards the end of that section that "very fun road, but I wouldn't recommend it for the in-experianced rider." Overall, great section of road.

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