The Pony Express - By AtlasRocket

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By AtlasRocket (17 McR Points) on Aug 11, 2021

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Rode this with 13 others en route to Yosemite NP. My favorite part was after we got past Delta and there was really no traffic for a good long while, except just before and after Ely. From there it was just a nice cruise, albeit a bit warm in Late June. Ditto what was said about extra gas. It's 170 miles from Ely to Tonopah, and a lot of bikes won't make it...mine just barely did. There's also nowhere to get any drinks or food on that whole stretch. There is a really nice oasis of a rest area just west of Tonopah with grass and shade where you can stretch out and spend the night, just be aware there are sprinklers that come on at night on the grassy areas.

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