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By JFeezy (15 McR Points) on Jul 08, 2016

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Motorcycle Type : Enduro

Rode this while doing the BRP in May 2016. Rt 151 is up there with the Tail of the Dragon and some other absurdly dangerous routes if not taken cautiously. For one there is minimal guard rail as you maneuver hair pin turns along the side of the mountain. It's a road that should be respected but can be an incredible amount of fun if you stay within your riding limits.
I ended up dragging my skid plate on the bottom of my VStrom a few times through the U-turn type switchbacks, which put a grin on my face.
There's not much else once you get to the bottom, just a route into Candler/Asheville. There is one gas station on the left just a few miles from the bottom.

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