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By aka Big Red (2 McR Points) on Sep 24, 2017

Creator : Big Red
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

My Wife and I rode this road from St. Regis to St. Maries in August of 2017 two days after the eclipse. She rides a big Indian Chieftain and has a strong distaste for gravel. Based on another review of the gravel conditions, I almost did not risk leading her across this road. Turns out, the gravel portion of the road was graded and fairly well packed and neither of us had any problem with it. We did have to stop to let the dust settle whenever we met an oncoming logging truck but it really wasn't an issue. Once we hit pavement, this turned out to be one of the best rides we found in Idaho. The pavement was good, the curves were big sweepers and the scenery was fantastic! Perhaps best of all was the total absence of other vehicles. Great ride! Don't let the gravel scare you away.
Big Red

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