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By NoVAVol (6 McR Points) on Jul 07, 2015

Creator : NOVAVol
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My brother and I finished our 1-day, 200-mile tour of twisties in TN & NC with Tn32. They should call it "Moonshiner's Worm" - it's set way back in the woods and is every bit as twisted as the worm on a moonshine still.
After rolling through the Dragon, Hellbender, and Foothills Parkway, Tennessee 32 was tighter twister and more technically demanding than any of them. My brother rode a sport touring BMW and while he made it through quicker I was tired from the long day and took my time taking many tight double-back turns in second gear. This road IS NOT for new or minimally experienced riders. It is more difficult than the Dragon due to numerous tigh turns and steep climbs & descents. I rarely got above 20mph and when I did I almost immediately had to Get on the brakes to execute a tight turn/switchback. The pavement ends at the crossing of the Appalachian Trail. From that point it's down a fairly steep dirt road about a mile to the pavement and two more miles to interstate I 40.
For those who like very tight, technical, secluded rides Tennessee 32 is for you. For those who like views, sweeping turns, and carrying a little speed- STAY AWAY.

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