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By SamZzz (7 McR Points) on Apr 20, 2018

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Local Tip: I live down below the Parkway and wanted to let you all know about a little secret. During the spring/summer riding season, if you start at the 321 end and go to 129, take a right at the end of the Parkway and go towards Highway 72 on US129. There are some more wide sweepers, beautiful lake views and some neat twisties after you pass the third boat ramp. Just as you come out oft he twisties, you'll come to the intersection of Highway 72 & US 129. There's gas available there as well as a BBQ spot, a small motel (where the bear is) and a repair shop that sells a few bike parts including tires, t-shirts, decals and one of the best burgers in the area. They're only open during riding season, but worth a stop if you're out this way during that time.

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