Ohio SR 56 - By Harleyfanatic

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By Harleyfanatic (14 McR Points) on Jul 14, 2016

Creator : Harleyfanatic
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Just rode Rt 56 last weekend. A group of us picked up Rt 56 out of Circleville and rode Southeast toward Athens. Out of Circleville you'll almost immediately end up in the Hocking Hills region. Not too curvy at first, but riding through the hills reminded me of Pennsylvania or upstate New York. As you begin to ride into the heart of Hocking Hills, the road becomes more hilly and more curvy. Riding through the woods was an almost immediate relief on a hot day, but don't take your concentration off the road. A few turns will come out of nowhere and will result in serious consequences if not negotiated properly. Our ride was done a couple days after a good storm went through. Although the majority of the route was dry, there was standing water on a blind curve! Luckily the curve requires slow speeds to negotiate so we made it through unscathed. Use caution if riding in the rain or even a couple days after a rain!

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