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By 02hdultra (2 McR Points) on Dec 27, 2011

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I've taken several trips to Lake Placid from Toronto over the years. For me it's a 6 hour run up the side of Lake Ontario to the Hill Island, NY border crossing. I head North before Watertown where the roads finally get interesting. A gradual evaluation climb and passing through numerous small towns & villages does make this short jaunt an enjoyable one.
Roads are mostly in good shape and are kept in good repair given the sometimes hard winter months of frost. There are few site seeing spots on the way however when you get to Lake Placid there are several twisting roads around White Face mountain. Water flows and road twisters are always entertaining on a hot July summers outing. I stay at the Swiss Inn. They are fairly priced and have small cottages in the back where you can have your machine close by.

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