The Racetrack Road of Terror! - By RomanticAntihero

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By RomanticAntihero (26 McR Points) on Dec 12, 2021

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It's the most interesting way to get from Leavenworth to KCK, and probably the closest thing to a twisty in the entirety of Kansas. It's more fun than challenging, though there is a turn just after 107th street heading west that is deceptively dangerous. A lot of people blast down the straightaway near the racetrack and the short series of curves following it are easy and fun, but complacency on the corner just after 107th puts a lot of people into the oncoming lane if they're not ready for an actual corner. Another danger when heading west is the hill approaching the 123rd/McIntyre instersection. There are two signs indicating a stop sign approaching, though they are sometimes obscured by the trees. The stop sign is IMMEDIATELY over the crest of the hill and appears suddenly if you don't know it's there. Going east from Leavenworth before noon can put the sun in your eyes at inopportune times, but in my experience the tighter curves are easier to approach when going east. If you're riding during the weekday you need to watch out for the occasional 18-wheeler who let his GPS lead him astray, and if you're riding on the weekend watch for cars crowding the centerline. Others have mentioned gravel from driveways, but I've never really found that to be an issue. There are parts of the road where the shoulder drops steeply into a deep, rocky ditch, and at least one place near the 123rd/McIntyre instersection that always seems to be in need of, or is under, repair. From the Veteran's Administration south entrance to the Wyandotte Lake Park west entrance takes between 10 to 15 minutes under optimal to normal traffic.

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