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Creator : Greg
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IN 135 is a great ribbon of a windy, hilly road!!! Stop in Story, IN to see the old store & restaurant: it looks like you stepped back into 1920 or 1930's. the food is excellent. The best part of 135 is from Nashville, IN to Brownstown, IN, (I think)but keep going to see the INDIANA coutryside. Usually minimal traffic. Corydon has a lot to see & do, especially if you are a history buff. 135 from Corydon to Mauckport is pretty uneventful, other that crossing Ohio river into Kentucky. From Corydon, I recommend going east on IN 62 & IN 66 and taking the Ohio Scenic Byway to Evansville. Stop at The Overlook Restaurant in Leavonworth to eat, and watch the tug boats and barges on the Ohio River. Great photo op!!!

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