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By TommyTomatoes (2 McR Points) on Jun 28, 2017

Creator : TommyTomatoes
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

I'm a new rider out of Billerica, MA. We're blessed with some great backroads that lead out to NH/VT and Central/Western MA from here. I stumbled on this route by riding around 225 near home, up to Littleton, and then banking a right onto 119 by the IBM Building. I took 119 all the way to Brattleboro. Great ride, not many lights, lots of spots to take a break, and great scenery too.

Top points: A) Lots of great country roads, all one lane, awesome for any level of rider. Plenty of stops along the way for a bite to eat, a drink, gas ups, etc. Heart of New England. B) Once you get to Ashburnham, you'll roll through some twisties in the state forest with some narrow roads. C) Once you're about to cross into NH, you'll start to get a view of some small mountains and lakes. D) In NH, speed limit picks up on some straightaways.

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