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By Tenspeed59 (2 McR Points) on Jan 19, 2015

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I worked on rebuilding a 9.5 mile long stretch of this paved road last summer and into the fall of 2013. It is a great road as it was from Jefferson CO. heading South East towards Lake George CO. for the first 10 or 15 miles or so until you arrive at the very scenic Tarryall Reservoir has several pull off areas on this route but not much in the way of bike friendly shoulders.........there are also several trailhead parking lots to park in while taking in a walk or hike on this route......the area that we completely tore down to bedrock and started all over starts at the concrete dam of Tarryall Reservoir and continues South and East for another 9.5 miles and includes turnouts and parking lots also the same as the first portion of this road..........the scenery anywhere along this road is fantastic and there is even a couple of ghost towns to stop and explore along with a pioneer cemetery to visit and view along the first portion of the road before you reach the lake......after going south and east on the new portion of the road that I helped to construct the old eroded road turned into somewhat rough pavement and riddled with a few potholes but the State of CO. was putting out a job bid to complete this last section of 7 miles of road down to the small mountain town of Tarryall, CO.......heading south out of Tarryall, CO. on CR77 heading to Lake George, CO. the road is smooth and in good shape there.....some twisties but very sporty handling type of a road all in all......take a camera and enjoy the ride.....get off the bike and enjoy a picnic and a nice hike along the creeks that flow through this valley......North and South of the town of Tarryall are several private and free campground areas also....and several off road bike and jeep trails abound in the Southern portion of this beautiful ride....lots of fishing opportunities in this region also......ENJOY!!!

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