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By Dia Wolf (4 McR Points) on Apr 20, 2019

Creator : Dia Wolf
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

I was told by one of the gentleman at JPM Powersports near Hopkinsville, KY about the "Mini Dragon" and thought it would be a fun ride to help me prepare for The Dragon later this year (since I need to save up for the trip over).

A very fun, quick ride which gave me a lot of small heart attacks (I'm a new rider) as I moved from curve to curve. Only issue I had was the four way stop near the beginning after I turned off of HWY 79 and a small handful of trucks kept turning into my lane around real sharp corners. Since I'm out in Clarksville I needed to take 232 twice before a storm was picking up. I loved the ride and will visit it again real soon!

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