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By Guest (2 McR Points) on May 14, 2010

Creator : BikerBecca
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I really enjoy this little stretch of WV-9. I guess "straight" is relative. In my opinion, this is a nice, smooth road with easy, sweeping turns. It is generally well-maintained, like most roads I've ridden in West Virginia. If you're a speed demon that lives to ride on the edge, I guess the road would seem tame. But if you're like me and just like to go along at a good clip, check out scenery while you ride, you'll enjoy this one. I ALWAYS avoid Berkeley Springs, though. Yes, it's a cool town, but there's always a traffic jam and I have better things to do than sit sweltering in traffic. I'd rather ride right back to Paw Paw for a Cheesesteak sub at Anthony's Jr. across from the Liberty gas station.

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