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By XAC0695 (2 McR Points) on Jan 27, 2014

Creator : Dale M
Motorcycle Type : Enduro

I have ridden this road many times over the years on a Road King, Dual Sport bikes, and various sportbikes. Also driven it many times in a pickup hauling my dirt bike up to Shamokin/Treverton to ride the strip mines and I always long to be on a bike. This road is fun on any type of bike in either direction although I prefer northbound. There are a few sneaky turns and blind crests on this road so I don't recommend a bonzai run on your first trip. Prerun 1 direction and then give it a more agressive run on the way back. Many sportbike guys do this as an out-back trip anyway. If you live within an hour of the south end of this route you can run up to Shamokin for a late breakfast/early lunch and be home in time to catch the ballgame. Its a great half day trip for anyone in Eastern Pa or Northern Md.

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