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By Sisyphus (21 McR Points) on Feb 02, 2020

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I did this ride in sections over the course of 2 days. First was Cascabel Rd. I did not make the turn to head into Tucson via Redington pass, deciding to continue north towards San Manuel and Oracle. The ride was fantastic, amazing views and scenery along an easy dirt road, becoming pavement shortly after the turn to Redington pass. think anyone who is comfortable doing so could do this ride on almost any bike. The following weekend I decided to ride the section I skipped. Went out Redington Pass from Tucson. I had a blast but this road is only for dirt or adv bikes. My bike has 50/50 tires, at times I wished for something with a more aggressive tread. As of February 2020 road conditions were difficult. Lots of small gullies crossing the road, potholes, sand and gravel. Me and my bikes suspension both got a workout. Continued on to Oracle, stopped for a burger and beer at the Ore House Tavern and then back to Tucson. A great day out, in my opinion this ride should not be missed.

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