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By CultLdr (32 McR Points) on May 25, 2019

Creator : CultLdr
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

Great ride today (Saturday May 25, 2019 Memorial Day Weekend) on this route. I went North to South and the technical stuff is like others said not far from Mt Judea. Traffic was very light and only had 2 pickups come into my lane on some nice tight turns. Good thing I was prepared but could have been bad especially if there was another truck their size going the opposite way.

Road quality was great, weather was great, some of the switchbacks were great with the tight turn, elevation changes etc. Tires got a workout and held up beautifully.

Definitely recommend this and be aware of others and don't get too cocky or you could be a hood ornament or a permanent fixture in the very cool rock walls lining the route.

Great route!

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