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By Guest (22 McR Points) on May 09, 2013

Creator : jeff conrad
Motorcycle Type : Touring

Blown away! I cannot wipe the smile from my face. The ride was spectacular! I did the loop outlined on this ride then when I hit Truckee I made an adjustment and went down 89 to Lake Tahoe. Once I got to Tahoe, I made a right onto 28 and went to the Southern end of the lake where I picked up 50 and started North again. I stayed on 50 and rode up to Carson City. Then continue on up to Virginia City and then back to Reno. Just over 200 incredible miles. Must tell you that if you go to Virginia City you must talk to the locals and find the Cider Factory! It is a little restaurant run by Chef Ricard up on the hill. He didn't just make my meal he made the meal specifically for me! Guy was great and so was the atmosphere. Rolling out across 70 and 49 up north was like riding my horse in the old west. The roads were smooth as glass and I felt as though I was floating my steel horse over the praire. Down through Tahoe was like witnessing God's perfect design in trees, water, waterfalls and mountain beauty. If I could start this day over and do the whole thing again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Take this ride and enjoy!!!! Oh, and thanks to whoever put the ride on here in the first place to encourage me!

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