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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Sep 08, 2010

Creator : do little
Motorcycle Type : Sport

Awsomely nice road! Its hard to find a good road in Indiana the is clean, extremly curvey, nice elevation changes and this ranks up to one of my top roads. Coming form the north out of spencer is a set of long stretches that is kinda borning, but other words try to not get stuck behind someone going 10 under the limit. Once you hit the first set of twistes hang on it gets fun!!! Plenty of knee dragging, tire shreading, gut wrenching hills, good time its a must. Word of caution there is some small towns along the route and the speed limit drops, plus slow moving traffic can sneek up on ya. Barney Fife does sit under the limit signs (been there every time i've come through)... But for a all out sport bike road in Indiana its a good 9 in my book

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